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Welcome to the GFHC 

The Ganaraska Forest Horse Club (GFHC) is a local horse trail riding club that offers a variety of fun and informative events in the Ganaraska for you and your horse and works with the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) and other user groups to help preserve the trails and support a safe multi-use trail environment.

Become a member and you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded

riders, explore new trails and activities and help represent equestrian interests in

“The Ganny”.


Our club members represent a wide variety of horse disciplines and riding levels.  Both

English and Western members range from casual to competitive, but all riders and

horses enjoy the beautiful trails in the Ganaraska Forest.  Our events provide a choice

of short or long rides on custom-marked trails at your own pace.  We also provide tasty

refreshments and an opportunity to mix and mingle.


In addition to enjoying the trails, many club members are involved in other equestrian activities in the area.  You will meet people who could know about a variety of opportunities for you and your horse.


Over the past 20 years, through membership fees and fundraising activities, the GFHC has contributed to a variety of projects to help improve the safety and enjoyment for equestrians in the Ganny.


Come join our community and join the voice for equestrians in the Ganaraska Forest.


Have questions?  Check out our FAQs page.


Follow us on Facebook or Contact Us for more information.


Happy Trails!

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