Membership Guidelines


Liability Insurance

Everyone who participates in a GFHC event must have proof of their own LIABILITY INSURANCE. The Club carries Insurance for any excess liability that is negligence-driven. The Club cannot carry liability insurance on behalf of individuals who participate in their events.


The liability insurance that the participants require is available through  Ontario Equestrian (OE),    Canadian Recreational Horse and Rider (CRHRA), HEP, Intercity, or through your own farm liability policy.   It will provide coverage should a participant be sued for negligence causing injury or damage to another person, horse or property. e.g. a participant’s horse gets loose and runs onto a road and causes a wreck or a participant’s horse kicks another horse or rider and causes serious injury or death.


ALL participants must provide proof of liability insurance.   It may be possible to request a “Certificate of Liability” from the broker to show at events as proof.  Riders who cannot provide visual proof of insurance will not be permitted to participate in club events.


The Ganaraska Forest Horse Club executive and members accept no responsibility for accidents, injuries to property, animals or people attending any event.



Forest Pass

When participating in club events you DO NOT require a Ganaraska Forest pass.  Event-specific forest passes are included in your membership.   However if you plan on riding in the Forest outside of Club events, you must purchase either a Ganaraska Forest pass or Ganaraska Forest Annual Equestrian Membership.   You can do so by calling the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) at 905-885-8173. For more information please visit their website at