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 GFHC Event Rules and Regulations


1.  Effective 2021, all ride participants are required to  carry a current GRCA Equestrian Membership or Day Pass for events hosted on GRCA property.  Visit Ganaraska Shop.


2. Speak  to the Ride Manager for information about the trails and how they are marked. Details about the trails are available at Registration.

3. Ride safely.  Allow 1 horse length or more distance between the horse in front of you.

4. If your horse is a kicker, please place a red ribbon in its tail.

5. No racing or running past other trail riders.  Please try to pass left to left on the trails or the roads unless the other rider asks differently. Announce that you are coming behind a person so you do not spook their horse or get kicked. Do not let your horse touch or ride up against a strange horse.

6. Leave your horse and trailer area clean.

7. See specific event poster for guidelines regarding dogs at GFHC events.

8. Carry out what you carry in ~ no littering.

9. No alcohol at any time.

10. The club is not responsible for loss or injury.

11. All riders are asked to please wear proper footwear and helmets.  Note: Helmets are mandatory for rides on  private property and persons 18 yrs. and younger.

12. Wearing BRIGHT clothing helps other users in the forest see horseback riders and could prevent  accidents.

Most importantly- Enjoy your ride!!!

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