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About Us

The Ganaraska Forest Horse club was formed in 1993 to provide an association to support equestrian interests in the Ganaraska Forest.  The Club hosts  fundraising events, social activities, and education clinics.  In addition the Club works with the GRCA to support trail maintenance and safety.

Mission Statement

The Ganaraska Forest Horse club is a recreational trail riding club that is devoted to developing a fellowship with other equine enthusiasts  to:

  • enjoy the many trails in the Ganaraska Forest

  • promote safe trail riding practices and good horsemanship

  • preserve the privilege of sharing the trails in the Ganaraska Forest with other users

Board of Directors

Our club is managed by a group of energetic volunteers selected each year at the AGM.  The Board for 2021 is:


President                                          Jenny Hiscox                                     

Vice-President                                 Jim Pearson

Secretary                                          Jenny Jackman

Treasurer                                         Pauline Kiely

Director at Large                            Mary Goodwin

Director at Large                            Lavinia Inbar

Director at Large                            Brenda Koenig

Past President                                Dave Grant

Advisor                                            Sherry Blenden

Advisor                                            Joanne Fernall


Club Events

The GFHC organizes a variety of events throughout the year.  In addition to trail rides, the club hosts social events, trail maintenance, fundraising, and education clinics.  

Club Contributions to the Ganny

In addition to enjoying many years of shared experiences on the trails, the Club has donated a legacy of equestrian-friendly improvements to the forest.   The GFHC has paid for an installed compass markers, funded trail signage, parking lot enhancements, access to water, a paddock  near the Forest Centre, installed hitching rails, built a new 10th Line bypass trail, and paid for police patrols.


The GFHC operates under the guidelines published in The Constitution.

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